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Darts from world record champion Phil Taylor

Once throwing the dart with which the famous Phil Taylor won one of his 14 world championship titles or with whom he is currently throwing - that does not have to be a dream. For whom the Phil Taylor Steeldarts and Phil Taylor soft darts are particularly suitable for their properties, we have listed below.

Who is the dart legend Phil Taylor?

The name Phil Taylor is inextricably linked to the professional dart. Born in Stoke-on-Trent, England, Taylor joined the PDC (Professional Darts Corporation) and previously served in the BDO (British Darts Organization). Since 1987, "The Power" has been one of the most successful dart players in the world and has won the world title 14 times.

The success of Phil Taylor is undoubtedly due in large part to his talent (which, incidentally, Eric Bristow, another darts legend discovered, and on his tail, but also the dart darts he uses Phil Taylor's darts were made by the Unicorn company for many years, and Phil Taylor recently switched to Target.

Unicorn Darts Phil Taylor

For many years Unicorn Darts accompanied Phil Taylor on his successful journey in darts. The various darts that Taylor used to succeed have been divided into so-called phases and numbered. One of those Taylor Darts was the Darts Phase 5.

The Phase 5 darts are Authentic Steel Tip Darts; they correspond exactly to the darts Phil Taylor played with. So their weight is exactly 26 g as the Philly Steeltarts or 18 g as the Softdarts Phil Taylor. The barrel form is torpedo-like and not straight. This shape and the high weight result in excellent flight behavior

The shaft is made of titanium in the lower segment and made of very elastic plastic at the top. The Taylor Darts are stored in a handy bag.

Phil Taylor Target Darts

After moving to Target in 2013, Taylor used the Target Power 8Zero Darts. Particularly positive with these new Phil Taylor Target Darts are the excellent flying characteristics and the grip of the darts. Many dart players also highlight the short recruitment phase, which leads to good results after a short time

Target's Phil Taylor darts are ideal for players who prefer the three-finger technique. The darts are rather short, but have a slender and long barrel. The center of the Phil Taylor Darts Target is centered on the center.