Electronic Dartboards for Softdart Darts

Our selection for electronic dartboards for soft darts. To play e-dart according to its official dimensions, we recommend one of our 2-hole dartboards. All e-dartboards are suitable for easy mounting on the wall.

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9 Item(s)

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Advantages of electronic dartboard for soft dart

  • automatic selection of dots with LED / LCD display
  • Play against computer-controlled opponents for realistic darts training
  • if necessary. interchangeable parts and segments of electronic soft dartboard
  • automatically saving current games
  • Acoustic announcement of the points and playing
  • Large selection of dart games with many variants

What kind of games do you play with the E-Dart?

After switching on, an electronic dartboard offers the user a choice of different game variants. The number and choice of games available varies greatly from board to board and depending on the manufacturer. The most important and well known games are 301 - 901, Cricket, Scarm, Shooter, High Score and Round the Clock. The electronic dartboard automatically selects the thrown matches and displays the current score on the digital display according to the selected game.

What features should your electronic dartboard have?

Before you start looking for the right electronic dartboard, we recommend that you first determine how to use the dartboard. You can do this very well by answering questions you ask yourself. For example, if the dartboard should be used to prepare for tournaments or to participate in league play. Other usage questions include how often the dartboard is used.

Here are some important questions about choosing an electronic dartboard:

  • Where and how should the electronic dartboard be stopped?
  • Does the dartboard have to have the official 2-hole tournament size?
  • Could the volume of the acoustic signals be a problem? (Then dartboards with volume control make sense.)
  • Do beginners or professionals play on the disc? For professionals, a dartboard with exchangeable segments makes sense, because the hits often go to the same segments and thus they are worn faster.
  • Do you want to use the dartboard outdoors or on the move? Here comes an electronic dartboard with batteries in question.

2-hole or 3-hole disc?

If you're looking for professional darts skills then make sure you get a soft dartboard with 2-hole segments . Often you will also find the term 2-hole disc as in the Classic Master II Dart Board . The property refers to the triple and double fields of soft dartboards that have distance of 2 holes in width.

The 3-hole disc, like the Electronics Dartboard Flash , has three holes in these fields and thus a larger width. Thus, the chances of making double or triple fields in the 3-hole disc are larger, but only the 2-hole discs in the dimensions correspond to the official tournament rules.

Choosing the right power source

Also dependent on the application is the answer to the question: Which power source is the Elektrodart to supply with energy. If you would like to connect the dartboard electronically and operate it exclusively in a stationary manner, a mains connection is recommended. A dartboard with a battery, on the other hand, can also be taken to the garden or used on holiday.

Which dart game may it be?

Other criteria when choosing the right electronic dartboard are the choices of the games. Good electronic dartboards offer about 40 games with more than 100 variants such as the DartForce. Bull's DartForce Dartboard by Bulls also has another special feature This disc works with the PDC's caller Russ Bray "The Voice," whose voice announces the points.

The most important electro dart games and variants in the overview:

How does the cybermatch feature on soft dartboards work?

Cybermatch for Electronic Dartboards If you play alone on your own, you should choose a dartboard equipped with a Cybermatch function. This feature allows you to play against an imaginary opponent whose playing ability is variable. With a slightly better opponent, every Cybermatch game on the electronic dartboard is a challenge and can keep improving your game through continuous training.

Replacing segments of the dartboard

As a practical matter, we see the possibility of replacing a dartboard, segments and spider. The more and more often you use them, the more you use them. An exchange slows the joy of playing with the Gera t; An example of such an electronic dartboard is the Smartness Full House Electronics . The standard should be an LED indicator.

Equipment and Accessories

Last point in our recommendations concerns the features of the electronic dartboard. The standard scope of delivery should include at least enough soft dart so that you can start playing immediately. At the SPACE Dartboard (2-Hole ) 12 dart arrows with replacement dart tips are included.

The Electronic Dartboard with all the important functions  

Electronic Dartboard Space As a perfect all-rounder among electronic dartboards, we recommend { {widget type = "catalog / product_widget_link" template = "catalog / product / widget / link / link_inline.phtml" id_path = "product / 564"}}. With this dartboard you play on a professional level and have all the important information about the scores at a glance through the high-quality display of points for 4 players at the same time and an unambiguous dart position for the cricket scores.

The Grand Challenge Ring pardons darts that are missing your target. Due to the variable difficulty levels and the Cybermatch function for up to 5 opponents, you can be both an experienced darts professional and as a beginner your personal challenge.