The Perfect Dart Weight

Darts are available in many different weights. Darts are not just about design, but also many other important features, such as the correct weight of the darts.

The weight of darts is first differentiated between steel darts and soft darts (electronic darts). This distinction has a marginal effect on the recommended number of darts grams.

Which dart weight are you looking for?

What weight should a dart really have in general? Opinions may vary. However, it can be said that for soft darts and steel darts, general averages for the number of grams for the “ best " weight that will give most darters a good hit rate.

We'll help you choose the weight for your darts:

soft arrows: what gram are the best?

the weight of the soft darts is lighter than the steeldart. the main reason for this is the impact on the electronic board. if the darts are too heavy they may damage the board. for this reason we recommend that you play electronic darts maximum 19 grams . attention if heavier the risk of fast wear of the electronic dartboard is higher. most dart players use soft darts weighing 18 grams.

popular soft darts weighing 18 grams

18 grams is a very good weight for darters especially for beginners to get started. most e-darters stay true to this weight and later make only minor adjustments through minor dart changes that have a minimal impact on weight and flight behavior. below you can immediately find the weight with 18 grams of darts.

 >> soft darts with 18 grams for beginners <<

choose correctly the weight for steeldarts

the weight of steeldarts is generally higher than the electronic dart. the darts are better stuck in the disc due to their heavy weight as the tip can penetrate deeper into the sisal material of the steel dartboard due to the heavy dart. the most commonly used steeldart weight ranges from 22 to 27 grams. for beginners we recommend a weight of at least 23 and a maximum of 25 grams for the steeldart.

popular steel dart arrows weighing 23 to 25 grams

>> steeldarts 23 grams for beginners <<nbsp the more weight a steeltart has the more power must be spent on the throw. the benefit of heavy weight steelart with 26 or 27 grams is that the dart tip penetrates deeper into the board and so rebounds can be minimized.

which parts of the dart arrow apply the weight?

three of the four major elements of a dart are marginally responsible for weight. the dart barrel is the grasp of the dart. here is the most weight of the dart. nbsp the dart shaft connects the barrel and the dart flight. depending on the material the shaft may have a relatively high weight. plastic have the least impact on the weight of the darts. the darts tip should get stuck in the board and hold the weight of the dart in the disc. even it affects only a small proportion of the weight of the darts.

after purchase: can the weight will been changed? what can you do if you want to be able to change the weight a bit after making the purchase and a few. the barrel is the heart of the dart. if you are not happy with the weight of your dart you can replace the barrel and use the remaining components such as the flight and shaftssubsequently the higher weight of the dart can get add on to the weight of your darts . with this extra component you can add another gram to your dart by simply mounting the module between barrel and shaft.

professional arrows: what weight does the professional players use?

even the pdc series professional darters are not quite sure how many grams the darts should have for the right weight. it is striking that phil taylor plays the highest weight in the league and thus probably has the biggest bucks in his world championship throw. the pdc only plays the steeldart in the tournaments. here is the list of the top pdc darters and the preferred tournament darts weight.

pdc darter: what weight do phil taylor and co. used?

top 10top 11 - 20top 21 - 30pdc rank 1 - 10gerwen michael van 23 gramsanderson gary 23 gramswright peter 20 gramslewis, adrian (21 grams)0liklaasen jelle 22 gramssuljovic mensur 23 grams1lipdc rank 11 - 20smith michael 22 gramshuybrechts kim 24 gramswhite ian 22 gramsthornton robert 26 gramspas benito van de 23 gramswhitlock simon 22 gramsprice gerwyn 24 gramsnorris alan 22 gramsgurney daryl 23 gramsking mervyn 22 gramspdc rank 21 - 30jenkins terry 21 gramsbunting stephen 12 gramswebster mark 19 gramscullen joe 21 gramsbeaton steve 22 gramsdolan brendan 23 gramsvoort vincent van der 23 gramspipe justin 24 gramsanderson kyle 23 gramsreyes cristo 24 grams

popular soft darts weighing 18 grams

0 the weight that best suits your darts depends mainly on your throwing technique and the darts airline.

popular soft darts weighing 18 grams

1 once you find that you are making a direct and straight throw towards the target it will make sense to get a heavy dart. 2emattention faster wear and tear the dartboard 3lithe heavier weight ensures that the darts trajectory remains as straight and stable as possible. a well-known player on the board is world record champion phil the power taylor. he throws with darts that weigh 26 grams and are adapted to his individual playing style.

popular soft darts weighing 18 grams

2 if you notice that your darts trajectory is more ballistic and indirect arc lamp models that are a bit lighter are suitable. nbsp 4li5li in conjunction with the flights you choose you will be able to create an attitude that will allow for an accurate meeting. it is important that the darts have a low overall weight for an indirect throw otherwise the effort will be too high and a sustained game will be made impossible. the personal physical conditions are also to be considered. for women and children we recommend darts with less weight as there is correspondingly less energy to used.

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